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arrow-bottom.pngTime and time again it has been proven that more diverse organisations not only outperform those which are less diverse, but are also most likely to attract and retain the most talented professionals. In addition, the link between women in the workplace and a country’s economic growth is closely connected. Despite this, globally women are not paid or rewarded equally to their male colleagues and remain underrepresented in the workplace, as well as proportionally less represented in senior roles.

 In compiling this report and recommendations, we spoke to over 11,500 women and men, asking their opinion and views on women in the world of work today.

“It is a worrying reality that so few women aspire to reach the most senior roles in their organisation.  The fact that their career ambitions are being cut short is particularly concerning, given that women are very ambitious when it comes to manager and director roles.” Alistair Cox, CEO of Hays plc

Although gender diversity has improved and we have seen less of a disparity in the views and experiences between men and women, when compared to our 2015 report, our research shows that organisations can still do significantly more to narrow the gap. They hold the key to advancing women in the workplace and have an opportunity and responsibility to close the gender divide.

“If we can inspire or help one female with her career progression then this is a great result. Similarly, if we draw attention to companies on how they can support their female talent and shift the dial, then this would be wonderful.” Victoria Jarman Non-Executive Board Director, Hays

We want to make business leaders, and the talented women they employ, aware of the issues affecting gender equality in the workplace.
In doing so, we hope to provide advice on how the divide between genders can be narrowed. We hope you find these findings both useful and informative and we look forward to discussing them with you.

Yvonne Smyth

Global Head of Diversity, Hays