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Five reasons why a temporary job is a good choice for you

In the past, being offered a temporary assignment was an exception. Today, it’s quite normal. Temporary jobs are an ever-growing part of the increasingly more flexible Belgian labour market. Nevertheless, many people are still hesitant about signing a temporary contract. But, have you ever considered the advantages? We would like to reveal the benefits of taking a temporary job!

A temporary job is… a boost to your self-confidence

Your self-confidence can sometimes take a hit regardless of whether you have a little or a lot of experience in your current job. If this happens, it would not be unusual for you to wonder what company would possibly hire you. Did you know that a temporary assignment can boost your self-confidence in a variety of ways?

First and foremost, in a temporary assignment, you usually must ensure that a specific project is finished properly. And you can be sure… a successfully completed project puts your competencies in the spotlight.

Secondly, you are required to step out of your comfort zone in a temporary job. You might try working in a sector that you’re not so familiar with because you’re interested in that field. Or, you might be given a job that you have absolutely no experience in. In either case, you will learn a great deal and continue to develop your skill set.

A temporary job is… a springboard for your career

Do you have an eye on a particular sector, but have little or no experience in it? Is it your ambition to work for a certain company, but have no idea how to win over a contact in the company? Temporary jobs may very well jump-start your career. The temporary aspect of such a contract means companies are quicker to hire people who have less experience. They often are searching far and wide to quickly find someone who is available and motivated. So why wait? Accept a temporary assignment and prove your worth! You should also know that a great many temporary assignments turn into a full-time employment contract.

A temporary job is… a source of new knowledge

A new company, project, sector, job… temporary jobs open up a whole world of knowledge! Each project acquaints you with systems, solutions, and ideas that you probably knew nothing about. You also develop your hard skills as well as your soft skills. Getting to know your colleagues and adapting to the organisation and working environment will continue to grow your communication and social skills.

Regardless of whether or not the job suits you 100%, you’ll get to know yourself and your ambitions better while working in the job. You decide whether or not it’s to your liking… to grow further in that field or not. What a luxury!

A temporary job is… an upgrade to your CV

Given that many temporary jobs are of a short duration, you can create an attractive CV by adding each successfully completed project. It allows you to show off your experience in particular fields. In addition, temporary jobs on your CV indicate that you are eager to learn, open-minded, and enterprising.

A temporary job is… growing your personal network

A temporary job means you will make many new acquaintances. This is great for growing your LinkedIn contacts. It also allows you to keep up to date on the latest trends, stay in contact for new opportunities, and request references.

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