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Are you qualified for a job as an HR consultant?

Find out with these 5 questions.


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Networker, multitasker, proactive and a listening ear: these are just a couple of skills an HR consultant should master.
There are several reasons why someone wants to become an HR consultant: to work closely with people, to help candidates finding the perfect job or to boost their career. Hays, leader in specialised recruitment, has been the link between supply and demand on the labour market for 50 years now. The company drew up five questions that will determine if you are qualified for a career as a recruitment expert.
Kathy Habrant, Senior Consultant, about her job as an HR consultant: "An HR function is very satisfying, you are constantly engaged in targeted selection to present companies your best talent. That way, you can assist clients in their development and offer an added value for their business. "To achieve the best results, consultants must have a lot of ambition and perseverance. They also should be aware of the fact that they will rarely get bored. "Interview after interview, meeting after meeting, ... We come into contact with the best professionals and most important companies on the market, which serves as a point of reference for both employer and employee."
Answer the following questions and find out if you are qualified for a career as a recruitment expert:

1. Are you a good listener?

For an HR consultant, It’s important to establish new contacts. Being able to listen and communicate well are an absolute must in the sector. Only when you listen carefully to companies and candidates, you will fully understand what kind of person someone is looking for and you can find the perfect match. Moreover, good communication skills are important when you have to explain a job to candidates and have to make sure that they can assess their own skills and responsibilities.

2. Are you result-oriented?

The goal of a recruitment expert is to find the best candidates for any job. As soon as the recruitment process starts, it is essential that you are motivated to successfully find the quickest and best possible solution. Being good at time management and setting priorities is very important, especially when a position needs to be filled urgently.


3. Do you have problem solving skills?

It sometimes happens that a candidate unexpectedly rejects an offer, although the job seemed to fit him or her perfectly. In these situations, it is important that you are proactive by anticipating possible difficulties and having a plan B. You won’t be much surprised and despite the setback, you can quickly make your search successful.


4. Are you a multitasker?

An HR consultant manages various files and activities every day. It is therefore important that you remember the most important issues of all candidates and companies, so that you can carry out your work as efficiently as possible. It is essential that you know how to organise yourself and that you can deal with stress.

5. Are you a networker?

As a consultant, you come into contact with different people on a daily basis. You have to be open-minded about constantly meeting new people and reaping the benefits of every new encounter. It is essential to build a network with all the 'links' within the recruitment process. Ideally there is a relationship of trust between you and the candidates and companies. It makes your job a lot easier and results in positive word-of-mouth advertising, which offers new opportunities for networking. Introduce yourself as a reliable, punctual and attentive partner who wants to build long-term relationships, both with those who offer work and with those looking for work.
Convinced of a job as an HR consultant? Take a look at Hays is currently looking for new talents to join their team.


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