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Hybrid skillsets are in demand

If you’re that rarity, a developer with a good mix of Java and HTML5 skills to cover all the bases for building mobile apps, a global shortage of hybrid developers is creating some very competitive opportunities

If, however, you’ve spent your time specialising in one or the other, as many have chosen to do, it might be time to consider expanding your stills and familiarising yourself with the ‘other side’.
It isn’t that there’s a shortage of Java developers who are expert in HTML5 or web scripting languages, the problem for employers is that so few potential employees combine both elements and thus the ability to build complete systems. According to some industry watchers, this is more of a challenge than the technology itself, which is saying something.
If a business depends on creating hybrid apps to meet insatiable customer demand for an improved user experience on their smartphone or tablet, the skills shortage is only set to become a more pressing concern. It could even cause more general delays and interruptions in the evolution of the mobile app market at a time when it is raring to go.

Expand your skills to increase your options

In Australia, the unstoppable march of mobile technology is driving demand for hybrid developers. The landscape is similar in Singapore, where the rise of mobile banking and growing investment in mobile computing, networks and services is turning hybrid developers into prized commodities.
In Hong Kong, this demand is having a major impact on salary and employment package expectations, with hybrid developers very much in the driving seat for negotiations. In Japan, the focus on smartphone and mobile gaming apps is having a similar effect.
From London to Canada, the emphasis on mobile customer engagement is giving true hybrid developers a head start in the race for some of the most cutting edge projects in the IT sector. The drive for this type of customer engagement means that hybrid developers are calling the shots as they become increasingly valuable assets to forward-thinking employers.
If you’ve spent your developing life as an HTML or Java specialist, do you think it’s time to embrace the other side?
Author: Steve Weston, Chief Information Officer and Global Head of Corporate Accounts.
Steve joined Hays in January 2008 as Chief Information Officer. His career began in Car Manufacturing in 1977 and he then moved into the Financial Services sector in 1987. In 1997 Steve moved into the IT services sector and held the position of UK Managing Director for Xansa until December 2007. Steve currently holds a number of roles at Hays including Chief Information Officer and Global Head of Corporate Accounts.

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