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This is how ‘La La Land’ could guide you to a perfect career

‘La La Land’, the new movie with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone which won 6 Oscars, is conquering movie theaters. Here this article will show you how the film is more than a mere musical entertainment as the movie offers you great career advice too.

If you’ve already seen the latest  movie starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, you’re probably – without you even realizing – humming the soundtrack already. ‘La La Land’ is conquering movie theaters worldwide and matches ‘Titanic’ with 14 (!) Oscar nominations (but only won 6 Oscars). But all fun facts aside - while you’re boogying along with the soundtrack, you’re also being offered valuable career advice. Because ‘La La Land’ goes beyond the traditional love story with a nice tune and shows you the path towards your dream career with some hidden tricks and motivational tips.

La-la life is out there

“Someone in the crowd could be the one you need to know. The one to finally lift you off the ground”, sings Emma Stone, who plays Mia in the movie. If you want to build a business or career, you have to leave your house and talk to strangers. It may seem scary, but don’t be afraid of it. It’s worth it and often fun. You have to admit: there’s not much chance of someone coming up to your door to offer you a job. And it would be kind of scary if someone did…

La-la life has more meaning when you have friends

Not only strangers are an important asset on your way to a dream career.  The people close to you play an important role too. Ryan Gosling’s character, Sebastian, forces Mia to go to an audition, which would mean her breakthrough in Hollywood. He does this because he believes in her. That’s the kind of people you need in your life. People who don’t get angry with you when you skip a party because you’re on a deadline.

La-la life is more than just work

Building a business or career is time and energy consuming, we won’t deny that. But having a break is equally important and you need to do this for yourself to stay healthy, for your relationships to maintain them and also for your work in order to have the energy to achieve great things. So find a balance between business and pleasure, because if you’re waiting until you have a breakdown, it’s already too late. There’s always the playlist of La La Land to help you with that.

La-la life shouldn’t get you down

We’re all on Facebook and Instagram, throwing pictures of nice trips and promotions at each other’s faces. This is all fun, unless you can’t make any nice trips or didn’t achieve great things yet. But don’t let other people’s successes demotivate you. Instead of thinking like Mia does during a weak moment, “I’m a failure, because they did get a promotion”, you should think “How can I learn from them?” Write that question on a big sheet of paper and tape it on the bathroom door. Stop wasting time thinking why you’re not like somebody else. That dream career is waiting for you. “You can just write your own rules. Write something that is as interesting as you are”. Listen to Ryan Gosling!

La-la life doesn’t stop after 5pm

Chances are you currently have a job, full time and 9-to-5. But Mia’s job at a coffee bar didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream. You shouldn’t let your job either. Why don’t you work on that dream career after hours? That side gig could be something in a totally other sector, just because you find it interesting or because you want to know it better before making a career move. If you still want to check if you want to stay loyal to your job or not, these questions might help: “Am I learning something?”, “Does my job meet my expectations?”, “Am I bored?” and “Am I satisfied with my job?” And like John Legend – yes, he’s in ‘La La Land’ too! – says to Sebastian: “How are you going to be revolutionary, if you’re holding on to the past?” This article about minimizing risks when changing careers can be helpful if you are choosing to change your career.

La-la life can – and should! – be a dream

Of course Mia’s story sounds like a fairytale: from barista to an international movie star in just a few years. But the most important lesson – and the most important career advice for whoever is pursuing that dream career – in this movie is: allow yourself to dream, even if it doesn’t come true (right away). Or as Emma Stone sings: “Here’s to the ones who dream, foolish as they may seem. Here’s to the hearts that ache. Here’s to the mess we make.”

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