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Hays Recruiting experts worldwide offers her clients a global view on the world of HR and recruitment with the Hays Journal. The journal is a bi-annual specialized HR magazine, focusing on the latest trends on the labour market. On top of that, you will discover offer interesting information on salaries, a few interesting case studies and analysis of the newest developments in your industry. Finally, you will also find some inspiring interviews with key business managers.

Updated: 05 Jul 2013 Discover our latest Hays Journal edition, Hays Journal 5, published in May 2013. You will find more information on the critical economical growth situation, as highly trained talents are missing out on the right competences. In a time when the economy requires an extra boost, many vacancies for highly trained talents remain open. This is stopping the economical growth and is blocking the opportunity to create new jobs.

Do you want more information on the Hays Journal or do you wish to contribute to the next edition of our specialized HR magazine? Please send an email to We will get in touch with you asap and send you a printed version of the Hays Journal 5 by mail.


Skills shortages:
The Hays Global Skills Index, produced in conjunction with Oxford Economics, suggests that skills shortages are growing. We explore how these shortages are holding back the success of individual businesses, sectors and even whole economies.

Leadership – chasing tomorrow:

Gary Kildare, Chief HR Officer for IBM’s Global Technology Services, gives his assessment of some of the coming forces about to change the workplace. Will the change do you good?

Investing in success:
A close look at performance management. Should you be investing in your existing elite, or try to extract more from the average worker.

Sustainable leadership:
This article focuses on leaders in businesses who drive sustainability: for their organisation; for their methods; their staff; and the world at large. There are real reasons to become sustainable, and there are real examples of businesses doing just that.

Assembling high performing teams:
Great teams are more than the sum of their parts and great achievements are invariably the result of a well-oiled unit, as proven by Cern in Switzerland. But what does it take to craft such a team? And how do you lead a group of high-achievers?

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