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Diversity at work

5 benefits of implementing a gender diversity policy in the workplace

It is well known that an organisation with a diverse workforce is not only likely to outperform those which are less diverse but are also more able to attract the talented professionals. Despite this, organisations are still failing to create and obtain a diverse workforce as, according to the findings of the Hays Gender Diversity Report 2017,   the majority of respondents stated that the most senior person within their organisation was male.

According to the report, which focuses on five key areas in the workplace: ambition, self-promotion, equal pay, career opportunities and gender diversity policies, having a gender diversity policy in place has a positive effect of both men and women. Unfortunately, 38% of workers state that they do not have a gender diversity policy in place and 39% are not sure if their organisation has one.
There are many benefits of adopting a gender diversity policy. Here are five reasons why organisations should have a gender diversity policy in place:

Increases positivity in the workplace

According to findings in the report, gender diversity increases positivity in three areas: self-promotion, perception of equal pay and career opportunities. Workers are most likely to feel they can self-promote and communicate their ambitions in the workplace as well as think there is equal pay regardless of gender.  If women feel more confident to self-promote, they are more likely to progress in their career leading to an equal gender representation in senior roles.

Encourages female ambition

As shown in the report,  50% of women and  70% of men aspire to reach a top leadership position in their career. However, the number of women reaching these leadership positions is remarkably low. Having a gender diversity policy in place will help to encourage women to continue to develop in their careers helping to create a sustainable pipeline for talented women when moving into senior roles.

Allows a focus on employee self-promotion

The report showed that many men and women do not feel that they have the opportunity to self-promote in the workplace. With gender diversity policies in place, such as mentoring and networking, this allows a platform for workers to communicate and voice their ambitions. This will not only make workers feel they can progress but it will also increase career motivation and satisfaction.

It’ll help to narrow the gender divide

Although the gender divide is still prevalent in the workplace, it is narrowing albeit slowly. Organisations who position gender diversity as a business necessity are bringing more awareness to diversity issues and are helping to tackle problems that would otherwise remain stagnant. This ensures that companies are progressing and moving forward their diversity, helping to create a more equal workforce.

Men and women both feel the benefits of gender diversity policies

The existence of gender diversity policies has a positive impact on both men and women as findings from the report show that respondents working for a company with a gender diversity policy in place are more likely to think there is equal pay between genders. What’s more, as a more diverse organisation is likely to generate better results than a less diverse one, it is men and women who will reap the rewards. Again, this will motivate workers and increase satisfaction in their careers. 

Gender diversity is an ongoing issue that many workplaces are looking to solve. Most organisations can fail to recognise the impact of a gender diverse workplace and instead concentrate on other initiatives. As these five benefits show, not only does a gender diversity policy increase positivity in the workplace but they also help to create a more gender balanced workforce.