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Diversity at work


Below you will find a few interesting stories from candidates with a diverse background who explain the path they took to find a new job and the difficulties they encountered.

5 benefits of implementing a gender diversity policy in the workplace

There are many benefits of adopting a gender diversity policy. Despite this, organisations are still failing to create and obtain a diverse workforce.

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The building industry, a man’s world? Not with us, it isn’t

Tine started at Hilti by chance and she evolved from account manager to ON!Track specialist.

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What are you doing here, if you can’t speak Dutch?

In August of last year Klevis Koci (28) moved to Belgium from Albania. Immediately he started looking for work, but was quickly – and harshly – turned down.

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Borders aren't holding back people anymore

Work opportunities in Italy were too scarce for Tesina and her family, so they moved to Belgium.

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Of all the temping agencies, only one gave me a call

Suzana moved from her homecountry Azerbaijan to Belgium.

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Sometimes you've already lost all hope

The thought of quitting never crossed Kathelijne's mind. Read this energetic 58-year-old lady's story here.

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Over 50 and suddenly out of a job? Believe in what you are worth!

Despite his great motivation, Pieter's age (57) seemed to be standing between him and a new job.

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