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How to use social media to find a job?

It is a fact that digitalization has had a tremendous effect on our professional experience. Where our grandparents could wait days for a professional information (sent by mail or fax), Generation X, Y, Z expects this information in hours, minutes and this tends to go up in minutes ! Recruitment has also moved from a word-by-mouth world to an online world. Building a candidate digital identity and find a job today? Here are our tips:

Having a well-built word or pdf CV

This is the basic. You need a well-built word or pdf resume that will allow you to structure your profile, your experience and the qualities you want to highlight. You profile must be authentic as all your competencies as it will go online later on. 

Create a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world. You have your resume on paper? It is time to "digitalize" it. Create a LinkedIn profile and fill out all the fields: experience, training and don’t forget to mention the awards and honors you have had. Unlike the paper resume this one is a "living CV", which is to be updated with each new experience. It is very important to add a professional picture on your profile. LinkedIn profiles with picture are 7 times more seen than others.

Keep a good image on Facebook - Facebook is used for private matters, so it is recommended to protect your profile and to keep it private

Facebook is the second most used social network. Obviously this is a network that tells more about your private than of your professional life. However, it is important to have a correct profile picture in case you are approached via this channel. It’s up to you to choose which kind of content you want to share. A tip: avoid political and religious topics that could be misinterpreted by your network. It is important to keep a neutral image even with your family, friends, and (ex) colleagues.

Get Connected to Twitter

For new or addicted to Twitter, keep in mind that this network is mainly used by journalists, politicians, and professionals and this in two situations: the first one is to get reactions on some topics with a # and generating debates, and/or the second one is to keep you informed about current events. As part of your job search if you use in your search #vacature #bejob #careeracademy #haysresponse a world will open to you: discover a multitude of job offers.

Follow, participate, be active in LinkedIn & Facebook groups

Whether on LinkedIn or Facebook, join groups and / or relevant pages. You will find many tips and job offers. People on LinkedIn represents 80% of passive candidates, which means looking to good opportunities but not actively searching. This means that once you have put all the right tools in place, you have to be active. Feel free to respond to job offers, to connect with relevant people and especially to follow the companies you want to evolve in. Or you can just follow Hays Belgium and Hays Response Belgium to stay informed of all the new opportunities.

LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter are tools that will allow you to be attentive to all new opportunities which could be interesting for you. If your first contact with your future employer is on social networks, it is very important to pay attention to your image. 

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