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Au secours, mon enfant retourne à l'école !


Help, my child is going back to school!

Your children are probably still fully enjoying summer break, but September 1st will soon come knocking. They may not be looking forward to the new school year yet, but for working parents, there finally comes an end to the struggle of keeping their kids busy for 9 weeks. And yet, the return to school isn’t always as smooth. The good news: you can change that.

Volez haut comme spécialiste en IT avec une expérience du nuage

Fly high as IT specialist with cloud expertise


Fly high as IT specialist with cloud expertise

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 crisis will change the labour market to its core. One already clearly noticeable trend is the rising demand for IT professionals with ‘cloud specialisation’.

Que faire si vous êtes ou recherchez un professionnel indépendant de l'informatique ?

What if you are or are looking for a freelance IT professional?


What if you are or are looking for a freelance IT professional?

The IT sector is dealing with a contradiction: companies are looking for more permanent IT employees instead of freelancers, while IT professionals would prefer freelance contracts over a permanent job.

Les professionnels IT connaissent leur valeur

Les professionnels IT connaissent leur valeur


IT professionals know their worth

IT professionals know that they are needed, and this is reflected in their expectations. But matching those with the expectations of companies sometimes turns out to be a challenge.

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How being the best father also works professionally

En 2020, est-il encore obligatoire de faire un choix entre l'argent, un titre, des opportunités de carrière, ... et la parentalité ? Malgré l'évolution des points de vue, il semble souvent que ce soit le cas, mais il existe des possibilités de concilier travail et parentalité.

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The job hunt is on!

Spring has arrived and Easter is just a few days away. While it’s a great moment to spend some extra time with your family and go egg hunting in your garden, it’s also a good time to go job hunting.

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How to interview a candidate who will be working remotely full time

According to Owl Labs’ Remote Work Statistics report, 2019, 18% of employees now work remotely, 100 per cent of the time – and this is a trend that is set to continue rising over the next few years.

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How big banks made flexible working the norm

Big banks these days are anything but traditional. In this blog, we reveal how the biggest names in finance are pioneering a workplace revolution… 

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A refresher guide to communicating at work

We are absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to communication media. If we wanted to contact a member of our team we could use voice call, video call, text, messaging apps, email, social networks, internal online messaging system or – dare we say it – we could approach them in person.

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Is it possible to unite a remote workforce?

The concept of virtual or remote teams is not a new phenomenon. However, advances in technology, globalisation, organisational structures and ways of working have meant that this approach has grown significantly over the last few years.

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How to lead from afar

Just managing one team is often enough of a responsibility – so overseeing a number of teams across a range of countries requires constant planning and maintenance. 

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Find the best candidates with this telephone interview technique

What did hiring managers do before telephone interviews? After all, CVs often only tell half the story, and, once upon a time you would have had to find out the other half of this story by conducting a face-to-face interview, which can be time consuming, to say the least. 

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7 common contracting interview questions

Have you been called in for an interview for a contracting or freelancing role? Once the sole domain of the permanent recruitment process, many of today’s employers want to interview a flexible worker before signing a contract.

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Come on men! Are you brave enough to do a Zuckerberg?

In late 2016 two very high profile men resigned from demanding jobs for family reasons – James Brayshaw and John Key. What followed – and this might be a first in this part, was that men started to talk openly about their inability to “have it all.”


12 types of colleagues and how to deal with them


12 types of colleagues and how to deal with them

As a bird is known by his note, so is a man – or colleague – by his talk. What are the different types of colleagues you can run into at work, and more importantly, how do you deal with them?

11 ways to be more productive at work


11 ways to be more productive at work

Being productive at work is not about working harder, it’s about working smarter. It’s about careful preparation, smart use of your resources and the effective streamlining of tasks. But before even any of this, it’s about your attitude.

New job, 5 things you will have to adapt to


New job, 5 things you will have to adapt to

Taking a new position is an important step in your career. As you approach your first day of work, you will probably feel both impatient and a little stressed. After all, a new job is synonymous of many changes...

Introverts: here's how to shine in your interview


Introverts: here's how to shine in your interview

Do you have an interview coming up? One which you’re otherwise feeling confident in your suitability for? And yet you can’t fight the niggling worry... 


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