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hays journal 10

Aiming high in dubai

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If you deal with recruiting or managing talent in your team or organisation, you’ll be interested in the Hays Journal. This bi-annual publication from Hays, explores issues affecting the rapidly changing world of work.

To read more, visit the Journal online at or request a printed copy. We hope you enjoy reading this issue.

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Hays Journal 13

Sink or Swim: Disruption is coming - Is your workforce ready?

Naar Hays Journal 13

Hays Journal 12

Encouraging innovation : how business can nurture entrepreneurship

Naar Hays Journal 12

Hays Journal 9

Extreme environments: Managing the risks for staff in hostile conditions

Hays Journal 8

Seeing the future : why every HR team needs to focus on digital skills


East Meets West – Asian businesses have gone global.



Chasing profits, but at what cost? What the world has learned about values.


Looking for tomorrow’s workforce: The global skills dilemma that is holding back growth.

Hays Journal 4

Focus on skills: Recognising the value of talent management.


Hays Journal 3

Managing across borders: How businesses can develop global leaders.

Hays Journal 2

Harnessing the power of diversity: The added value to business.

Hays Journal 1

The pace of mobility: How to manage a global workfoce.