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Hays Journal 15

Hays Insights

In a constantly changing world, how can businesses transform their HR issues into key performance drivers? Whether it is the digitisation of the HR role, the labour market flexibility or a skill shortage, our newsletter “Hays Insights” shares with you innovating articles on the current HR topics which tend to shape the future of the HR world.

Candidates on the frontline of the recruitment process

HAYS-Candidates on the frontline of the recruitment process

How candidates took the lead on their recruitment in the Belgian labour market.

How can SME's retain their staff?

Hays Journal 15 - How can SME retain their staff

The SME represents the core of the Belgian economy, but how can these businesses create their employees engagement ?

Will blockchain technology conquer HR?

Hays Journal 15 - Will blockchain technology conquer HR

How this technology will disrupt our vision even beyond recruitment !



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