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In this, our second in the Hidden Heroes series, we meet more of the team who ensure that Manchester City’s quality on the pitch runs throughout the organisation.

Ellie Warne – HR Coordinator

Ellie joined City Football Group as an HR coordinator in March 2014. Prior to this she worked at a Welfare to Work Company in their HR team. Ellie is currently completing a post graduate diploma in Human Resource Management at Manchester Metropolitan University.

How important is it that the community around the team performs as well?
Very – you can’t overstate that. As an organisation we all want to perform well in what we do; the Club’s culture is one of togetherness, so we work closely on and off the pitch.

Do staff feel part of the Club family, and is that part of the talent attraction strategy?
We are one team, even though we have several companies that sit within the organisation. I strongly believe that all employees feel part of the Club’s family and this message is frequently voiced from our CEO. In regard to the talent attraction strategy, and from feedback I have received personally, I think our ethic of teamwork is a selling point. I’m proud that our organisation is so welcoming to all new starters, with staff consciously making an effort to meet and greet them and talk to them about who they are, what they do and how they can work together.

Is there a conscious effort to create a culture within the Club that mirrors supporters’ experiences?
From my experience, our fans are fundamental to the Club and their opinion truly matters – to the extent that the Club will often ask for the fans’ opinions on certain things. Ultimately, the fans make the Club what it is and I do believe that we make a conscious effort to create and sustain that culture.

Harriet Dunn – Project Manager

Harriet is a project manager within the Infrastructure Development Department, currently managing the direct works and FF&E (fixtures, fittings and equipment) fit-out of the City Football Academy.

How important are facilities to the Club?
Organisations are driven by people. So, for the Club to build the world’s greatest football training facility, it must be supported by the best people, who all share a desire to work to the highest standards.
The Club influences this by ensuring the working environment reflects a commitment to employees and a recognition of their value to the organisation.

How does your role tie into that ambition?
To secure the Club’s future as one of the best in the world, it is vital that we create an environment for continuous excellence. To make that sustainable, there needs to be an ongoing focus on the development of our own new talent, both on and off the pitch.