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In recent years we have seen a shift in how both employers and employees perceive the value of temporary assignments for their businesses and careers. Have you considered temporay recruitment? Do you know how temporary workers can add value to your business? Discover what has changed in the world of work for temporary recruitment.

Employers started seeing temporary work as a long-term staffing strategy rather than a cost cutting measure. They view temporary workers as integral to the success of their business. The ability to source specific skills for particular projects is one of the many big advantages, as business activity can fluctuate. Moreover, nowadays, temporary workers cover a wide range of ages and have a wide variety of experience and skills to bring to the workplace. Here are the advantages:

Workforce flexibility

Temporary professionals can fill both long and short-term needs, enabling you to be more agile and responsive to fluctuating workloads. By supporting your permanent teams you can avoid the continuous redistribution of work between employees, improving efficiency. Also, in an increasingly project-based economy you can engage professionals with specific skillsets only for the time you need them.

Financial flexibility

All costs are agreed up front allowing you to easily manage budgets. Monthly invoicing spreads the costs. You only pay for what you need.

Immediately available candidates

Temporary professionals are immediately available to meet your requirements but this requires working with a trusted partner who can help an organisation obtain the most suitable and available people as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Trial perm hires

Temporary recruitment is even a great way to trial a candidate before offering them a permanent role later on after they’ve proved their worth, reducing risk for your business.

Why choose Hays?

Large candidate pool

Last year Hays placed over 200,000 temporary assignments worldwide. We have enormous experience in the temporary recruitment space and over 50% of the total placements we make globally are for temporary assignments. Hays’ access to a wealth of individuals capable of fulfilling your requirements will ensure your requests are met swiftly, and that your organisation moves smoothly forward.

Easy administration

There will be no administrative burden, saving you time and money, as an interim professional’s credentials, remuneration, engagement and onboarding/offboarding is handled by us. And as they are on our payroll they won’t come under your headcount.

Pourquoi recruter des travailleurs temporaires n'est plus considéré comme une réaction instinctive