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On the occasion of the release of the 15th issue of the Hays Journal, a semi-annual publication, Robby Vanuxem, MD Hays Belgium, and his experts suggest that companies should be more flexible when it comes to attracting and recruiting specialised candidates.     

Indeed, in a market where competition is difficult to find the best talents, whether they have a business specialisation or speak fluently one or two of the country's three official languages, it is essential for businesses to become aware that candidates are more and more having a hand in their recruitment process.

Check out the insights of Hays Belgium and the advice of its experts in the article "Candidates in control".


Our mission is to offer our clients a global vison on the world of HR and Recruitment. If you are interested in recruiting or managing skills in your team or company, you will be interested in the Hays Journal. You can check the previous versions of the Hays Journal here.


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