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Working (and job hunting) from home

With so many people working remotely due to the Coronavirus, this hub provides everything you need in one place to help you to adapt to the new way of working.

As your lifelong career partner we are here to help you navigate an evolving world of work – and move forward in your career. Discover all our latest tips, advice and guides below.

Discover everything you need to find the right job, or to flourish in the one you have.

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Interview by video call

video call is becoming much more common, also for job interviews. With these tips you will become comfortable with this phenomenon.

Job interview by phone

job interview by phone can feel uncomfortable. Learn about the most important tips for a perfect conversation.

Interviewee questions to ask

Asking questions in your job interview is important, but what to ask during - and post - the Covid-19 period?

How to be more productive working from home

How can you tackle the unique challenges that come with working in the comfort of your own home, whilst ensuring you’re as productive as possible.

Working from home with kids

Working frome home with kids around is not always as easy. Read here how to best organise this.

Renew your CV

How can you update your CV to current times and wishes? We share 4 tips.

Remote working & wellbeing

Working from home can bring with it a number of challenges. What can you do to look after your wellbeing when working from home?

Continue working from home?

Want to continue working from home? Here's how to approach your manager.

Stop working overtime

Working overtime not only has a negatively impact on mental health, but it also adversely affects all-round productivity.

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Finding your next job

We believe the right job can change your life.

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