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Putting the right person, at the right place, that is our mission. Being an expert in recruitment and selection, we think it is very important to deliver a high-quality service. Therefore, Hays is a member of Federgon and subscribed to Federgon’s quality charter. This charter has been set up by Federgon and its members in order to improve the quality of recruitment & selection services, encouraging members to abide by the ethical and deontological codes with regard to ethical cooperations, hiring dedicated employees, client and candidate relationships, data privacy, and others.

Recently, Hays has been granted the Certified Membership in Research, Search & Selection. This is an additional quality label, on top of regional and federal legislations and the Federgon’s quality charter. This label allows us to distinguish ourselves in the market with our qualitative services and our professional approach. As Certified Member RSS, we agreed to the Certified Membership deontological code and we need to obtain and maintain a fixed score of positive results from candidates and clients on Federgon's satisfaction survey.

On top of that Federgon developed a specific quality label for the temporay recruitment: Interim Certified. Hays also obtained the Interim label and agrees to provide sufficient training to its consultants,  to obtain positive results on external audits and to respect procedures from Federgon’s commission.

Please find more information by following the links below
-  Federgon
- The Quality charter (DU - FR)
- The Certified Membership RSS (DU-FR)
- The deontological code Certified Membership (DU-FR)
Interim Certified 


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Hays frequently publishes studies on the evolution of the labour market.

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Hays is the Official Recruitment Partner of Manchester City FC.