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How to stay productive at work during Ramadan?

How to stay productive at work during Ramadan?

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is one of the most sacred months in the religion. From dusk till dawn, participants observe a strict fast for the entire month. That can affect their productivity at work. Adopting these tips, from our Hays colleagues, into your daily life during the month of Ramadan will help you get through a day’s work while fasting. 

blog astrology

Match your job to your zodiac sign

Earth is a place where you must show up to work and make a living to survive, but that doesn’t mean you have to be miserable while doing it! There are certain careers your zodiac sign would thrive in, so why not use astrology as a cheat-code to success? Read about the career you should have, according to your zodiac sign and discover how to become your most productive and happiest self at work!

Five steps to finding the best international internships in 2023 block

Five steps to finding the best international internships in 2023

Internships are an important steppingstone for young people into the professional world. Interning abroad can be a great way to launch your career despite the few challenges that come with it. This life-changing experience can open many doors, both in your professional and personal life. Here are the five steps you need to take to apply for an international internship!

blog guerre des talents

Triangle Talk: There’s a war for talent, but how to face it?

It is clear that there is a talent war with a shortage of profiles and skills. That’s not quite news. But even though this situation isn’t new, companies do not always know how to deal with it and how to adapt to it. Belise Songa, Agile Master at BCIS and Young ICT Lady of the Year in 2022, and Nathalie Alhadeff, National Director at Hays, discuss the new labour market and how to win the war for talent.

blog work & mobility

Triangle Talk - Mobility and work: stuck in traffic together, lovely, isn’t it?

Are Belgian employees simply too attached to their cars to choose alternatives, or do the government and companies still promote cars too much? We talk about it with Dimitris Bousoulas, syndicate representative for ACV Antwerp and member of the board of directors at i-Bus, and Robby Vanuxem, Managing Director at Hays

blog ChatGPT

How to use ChatGPT and other generative AI in your job

Using AI at work is still relatively new, as companies run tests to figure out how to maximize benefits for both their employees and their business. Embracing generative AI could work in your advantage and make you more productive in your role! Here’s how:

Triangle Talk: Diversity in the technology sector

Triangle Talk: Diversity in the technology sector

The technology sector: the whitest sector. To what extent can the sector call itself innovative and disruptive when it fails to meet even the most basic form of diversity, namely male-female ratio? We talk about it in a new episode of our podcast Triangle Talk with our guests Inès Herbosch, Chief Data Officer at the FPS Justice, and Jovanic Scheiris, National Director of Technology at Hays.

Triangle Talk: The Impact of AI, XR, and ChatGPT on the future of HR

Triangle Talk: The Impact of AI, XR, and ChatGPT on the future of HR

If you’ve been following the media, you would think AI has only been invented a few months ago. ChatGPT already seems indispensable in our society and job. And then there’s XR and VR, those tech things in games. Just like with any new technology, the question quickly arises: what will it mean for our job? Read the highlights of our conversation with Kenneth Dée, Tech jounalist at DPG Media and Julie Desender, Team Leader IT at Hays.

blog triangle talk 3

Triangle Talk: Passionate employees, do they really exist?

Passionate employees: a myth created by employers who want hard workers for little money? Or do they really exist? A passionate conversation about ambitions, expectations, goals and meaning in your work and business with Yasmien Naciri, entrepreneur and Managing Director of Innovatiecentrum Werk and Julie Geller, Learning and Development Manager at Hays in our podcast Triangle Talk.

blog secretary day

The modern secretary and different types of assistant jobs

We often can’t help to jump to a very outdated idea of what secretaries do. Making coffee, answering the phone and copying documents are only a tiny part of the modern secretary’s daily to do list. They’re the heart of every company! In this article, we are zooming in on several types of secretary roles and assistant jobs in office professionalisms.

Triangle Talk 1

Triangle Talk : "Either too nice, or a she-devil" - Women and leadership

Linda Alblas - van den Burg, Managing Director of 'ICI Paris XL BeNeLux and Tamara Vereecken, Hays EMEA Director Front Office Systems discuss their stories and challenges as women in leadership roles in the first episode of Triangle Talk. Read the key takeaways and the most remarkable quotes from this inspirational conversation between two leading ladies in the corporate world.

Le guide pour un bon recrutement

The Guide to Good Recruitment

You’re trying to get the top talent for your vacancy, but competition is fierce and there are already lots of opportunities for people with the skills you need. So how do you stand out from the crowd? Focusing on building a lasting relationship right from the start will help you attract, and then keep, the best of the best. 

The top ten in-demand tech jobs to apply for in 2023

The top ten in-demand tech jobs to apply for in 2023

The importance of digital infrastructure has increased immensely in the last three years. What was already a priority for many organisations suddenly became a necessity. As a result, the number of tech jobs available rocketed. As market leaders, we’ve analysed the data for recent hiring trends and looked at the roles that our clients are recruiting for in the current landscape in order to determine the top ten in-demand tech jobs in 2023.

blog entry

How to reach a healthy work-life balance that includes lots of self-care

Let’s be honest: switching from work mode into relaxation mode is easier said than done. Caught up in our fast-paced lives and busy schedules, a healthy work-life balance is something many of us struggle with. Here are four ways to still take care of your (mental) health and wellbeing, while pursuing a successful career.

La cybersécurité au travail

How to create a cyber secure workplace?

Did you know that people are the most important part of an organisation’s cyber security? A cyber secure workplace culture is a company culture where security is ingrained in every technical aspect of the company. It’s built into the thinking process, the planning and systems of the entire business. Data Protection Day or Privacy Day was launched in 2006 to raise awareness about this important topic. We’ve gathered three golden tips to protect your data at work. 

Comment faire travailler ensemble plusieurs generations?

How do different generations work together?

Conflicts between generations have always existed. Today, four generations work together in the job market and it’s important to understand how they function and what their expectations for efficient collaboration in the workspace are. What are these generations and what can be done so that they can cohabit and work in perfect harmony? Our answer in this article! 

promoblock blog

Young people do not have the necessary skills for today's world of work

According to polls conducted by Hays, young people entering employment don’t have the necessary skills

Hays Global & Alistair Cox

Blog - La via appès lock down

Back to the office

How to prepare for re-enty into our workplaces? Three important areas to think about as we go back to the office.

Gordon Tinline - Business Psychologist

12 types of colleagues

12 types of colleagues and how to deal with them

What are the different types of colleagues you can run into at work, and more importantly, how do you deal with them?

Hays Marketing

HR Tech

Why should you know about HR Tech?

What is HR Tech, what are your benefits and wich tools can you use to keep your staff well, engaged and productive?

Jacky Carter - Customer Experience Director

Flexible working

Flexible working to come as standard

Flexible working hours, remote working and job-sharing schemes seem to come as standard in most workplaces today. And with good reason.​​​

Carl Piesse - Regional Director Financial Services

IT professionals know their worth

IT professionals know their worth

IT professionals know that they are needed, and this is reflected in their expectations. But matching those with the expectations of companies sometimes turns out to be a challenge.

Hays IT

Become a cloud engineer

Become a cloud engineer

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 crisis will change the labour market to its core. One already clearly noticeable trend is the rising demand for Cloud engineers.

Hays IT

International Woman's Day

Men are less likely to recognise inequality in the workplace than women

According to a survey in the context of International Women's Day, men are less likely to recognise inequality in the workplace than women.
Hays People & Culture

Improve inclusion

How to improve inclusion

As strong supporter of diversity and inclusion, we want to help improve this in other companies. We share 3 categories where chane may be needed.

Hays People & Culture


Prepare for more disruption

How tech can help us prepare for more disruption

The pandemic has brought a whole new meaning and momentum to the word ‘disruption’, even in the eyes and minds of the most seasoned tech professionals. How do you survive in these rapidly changing times?

Steve Weston - Chief Information Officer

Working parents

Working parents

Nowadays, do we still have to make the choice between career and parenthood? Despite changing views, it often seems that way, but there a still opportuniteis for a good balance.

Hays People & Culture

IT Skills

How to change lives with your IT skills

The demand for IT skills has increased within life sciences to support the industry to keep innovating, benefitting general health and in mitigating the impact of some medical conditions.

James Milligan - Director Technology & Project Solutions

Choose to Challenge

Inequality in the workplace

One in three employees would challenge gender inequality in the workplace. Learn a few tips to encourage employees to challenge gender inequality.

Sandra Henke - Group Head of People & Culture

IT skills employers are looking for

7 IT skills employers are looking for

With the increased spotlight on systems and technology in the wake of the mass transition to remote working, what are the most requested IT skills

James Miligan - Director Technlolgy & Project Solution

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