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Some situations require a professional opinion, such as the maintenance of a production site or a detailed Autocad design, the close follow-up of a site. Hays Engineering is specialised in recruiting technical profiles and engineers. Putting the right person in the right job, that is our mission.

Are you looking for staff with a technical background? Please do not hesitate to contact the experts of Hays Engineering. They developed a specific knowhow of different industries such as the petrochemical industry, metal, energy, automotive industry and others. They have a broad national network and a profound knowledge of the local market. Thanks to internal training and our technical expertise, Hays Engineering can offer you a qualitative and exceptional service.

Please find below some of our frequent profiles:

• CAD-designer
• Calculator
• Design engineer
• E&I engineer
• Field service engineer
• Lab assistant
• Maintenance manager
• Maintenance technician
• Method engineer
• Plant manager
• Prevention advisor
• Process engineer
• Production manager
• Project engineer
• Project manager
• Quality manager
• Sales engineer
• Site manager
• Technical supervisor

Contact Hays Response! Our consultants are working closely together with the employers and candidates to offer you immediately available candidates in Finance Support, Office Support and Logistics.


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