How to use ChatGPT and other generative AI in your job and increase your productivity

How to use ChatGPT and other generative AI in your job and increase your productivity

June 20th is World Productivity Day and we’re going to help you decrease wasted time and make more time for tasks you actually like to do at work. ChatGPT and other generative AI have the capability to help you in your job, particularly when it comes to repetitive tasks. Our poll on LinkedIn from January 2023 revealed that 23% of the 14,000 respondents have used ChatGPT in a work capacity, while 30% would consider it. So how can you use ChatGPT in your job and maximize your productivity?

Using AI at work is still relatively new, as companies run tests to figure out how to maximize benefits for both their employees and their business. Embracing generative AI could work in your advantage and make you more productive in your role! Here’s how:

1. Prepare

Which tasks within your role could be automated? The main focus when it comes to generative AI’s capability in the workplace has been on copywriting. However, the potential for these tools is growing rapidly. For example, they can help you plan presentations, or create spreadsheets quickly with original formulas.

2. Google who?

The primary function for chatbots was to generate the information you need, and in a format that suits you. There are potentially errors in what it provides, but that is fast improving. The development of Google Bard and Microsoft Bing’s own product means that the gap between AI chatbots and traditional search engines in terms of reliability is closing.

3. Plug-ins

One of the big advancements that came with the launch of GPT-4 was the release of plug-ins that open a host of new opportunities. You can summarize conversations and draft responses on Slack or generate meeting summaries from Zoom. Meanwhile, the Zapier plug-in allows you to integrate the tool into Microsoft Office, Google Suite, Hubspot and Facebook Ads, among others.

BEWARE: Of course, it’s important to think about the legality and security surrounding this, particularly if you’re accessing or sharing sensitive data from your organization. However, these all have the potential to save you time and provide useful assets and insights.

4. Complete tasks

The great thing about generative AI is that it’s very user-friendly and it gives straightforward responses. You don’t need profound technical skills or knowledge to get started. To really reap the benefits of ChatGPT and other generative AI, though, you’ll need to perfect your task descriptions. 

5. Fact-check

When using generative AI for fact-finding, double-check the results it provides. You could do this by focusing on one piece of information that you’re unsure about and question the chatbot about that specifically. Again, breaking down your questions can help to provide a clearer picture.

ADVICE: As for copywriting or coding, even after multiple specific questions and briefs, it’s unlikely that generative AI will give you content that’s good to go. Rewrite anything that doesn’t fit your tone of voice or brand. To be more productive in the future, think about how you could improve your question for next time so that the output is closer to what you need.

6. Stay up to date

The above tips will give you a head start in making generative AI work for you. However, these tools are evolving constantly, and they’ll soon be able to take on even greater responsibility. The truth is that, if you don’t keep up with their capabilities, you won’t be as productive as possible, and that could put your position in jeopardy.
ChatGPT and similar models are here to stay, so you need to be able to use them properly. Even if you won’t necessarily be replaced by AI, you might be replaced by somebody with superior AI skills. Getting to grips with AI tools now will help you to futureproof your career by making you more productive. We’re going to need to adapt to generative AI and learn to understand how it can help us to complete most of our daily repetitive tasks. 

Listen to our podcast episode on “The Impact of AI, XR, and ChatGPT on the future of HR (in Dutch)” or read the summary in English.

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