Become a cloud engineer

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 crisis will change the labour market to its core. One already clearly noticeable trend is the rising demand for Cloud Experts.
During the COVID-19 crisis and lockdown, massive amounts of people were working from home and some companies had to hastily look for cloud services, applications and everything else. Recruitment business Hays, after an enquiry with its IT experts, clearly noticed a shift in demands from ‘classic’ profiles to cloud profiles. This shift is noticeable in how employers are starting to realise that ‘the cloud’ is becoming increasinly important.
Hays clearly sees a higher demand for IT specialists with cloud expertise and experience. This was undoubtedly due in part to the many people working from home during the COVID-19 crisis.

Retraining to become a cloud engineer

Therefore, it would be wise as IT specialist to get retraining if you’re looking for new challenges in the sector.

Cloud solutions is a possibility. Such online courses can be fast and inexpensive, sometimes free, and easily accessible.

Expanding your knowledge, and consequently your profile, has more advantages than just having a strong market position:
  • This is also a way to climb in your current job. Training yourself isn’t only necessary when you want to change jobs.
  • If you’re more skilled, you insure your future in a certain sense. The more experiences and knowledge you have, the bigger the chances that you find a nice job anywhere.
  • You show that you’re proactive and working on self-development, that you’re open to learning and that you’re motivated to stay active in the IT sector.
  • You come into contact with other people and teams. This leads to a deeper insight into the bigger picture, which makes your profile more versatile and more interesting for future employers.

Soft skills

Deciding to retrain in cloud solutions doesn’t mean you can’t learn about other things as well.

The importance of soft skills in the IT sector is something to keep in mind as well. Technical knowledge is becoming a given for employers, which leads to them taking into account soft skills. One of the most important ones is communication skills, but teamwork skills are also top of the list. The third most important soft skill? A willingness to learn...

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