Hiring flexible workers

Hiring flexible workers

Are you looking for a temporary employee for a special project, exceptional workload or to replace long-term sick or maternity leave? As a specialised recruitment agency, we offer you competent and flexible support in exactly these situations.


Why should you hire flexible workers?

There are a number of circumstances in which hiring a flex professional can be beneficial for your company. We describe a number of examples where flexible hiring may work in your favor. You might consider:
  • Maternity leave or long-term sick leave
  • The intensity of the workload, organisational changes or projects
  • Temp to perm solutions
  • Outsourcing non-core business processes to external companies
  • Process optimization
  • Organisational restructuring
  • Implementation of new technologies or projects
  • Start-up of a project

Advantages of hiring flex workers

For companies doubting whether to hire a fixed employee or a freelancer, it would be wise to keep in mind these two – out of many – advantages of a freelancer: 

1. Fast and cost-efficient

Employers value the skills and expertise of a contractor above all. Contractors can be a fast and cost-efficient solution when your company needs certain skills or more competent employees. Many companies can also profit off contracting by offering the best contractors a permanent position at the company.

Some companies can also emphasise the result-aimed focus of contractors. Their dynamic work environment leads contractors to usually aim more for quick solutions and results, which can be very useful to your company under certain circumstances.

2. Flexibility

A contractor generally works at your company between nine months and a year, because that time period is deemed long enough to successfully complete most projects, especially those rather technical or complex. However, a minority chooses to work on a project for one to three months. In any case, contractors can be a very useful and cost-efficient solution when you need capable working hands with certain skills.
In addition, you can expect these benefits:
  • Instant impact
  • Shorter hiring process
  • Fresh perspectives
  • New generations aim for flexibility and need a quick change of content and responsibilities

A check list

If you opt for a flexible employee, we have a handy checklist for you.

1. Determine your need

Start by determining which specific skills, capabilities and experience you require and how long you expect to need someone.

While the length of the assignment is flexible and you can for example quickly ask them to stay longer, an indication of the length of the assignment will help all parties plan effectively.

2. Decide on what support you need in finding the right person

A recruiting expert will of course allow you to access suitable candidates who meet your specific needs. Our flexible candidates are tried and tested and fully referenced. When required we also undertake any necessary pre-employment medicals and checks.

3. Consider legislative matters

You must also consider legislative matters when hiring flexible staff. This is another situation in which engaging with a recruiting expert can really help; you’ll pay only for the hours worked, with all on costs taken care of. We also take on all legislative matters, including superannuation, payroll tax and workers compensation liabilities.

4. Prepare to welcome your new starter

It may sound obvious, but make sure you allocate an appropriate workspace, provide the necessary logins, resources, contacts and equipment, and give a short induction so they can get to work and add value as quickly as possible.

5. Set expectations from the outset

It’s also important to make clear your expectations regarding the quantity and quality of work required. This ensures both you and your new flexible colleague understand exactly what must be delivered and are on the same page.

6. Be flexible

Finally, while most temporary assignments have a finish date, this can be extended if required. In some cases, an employer may also offer a permanent role. Flexibility is, of course, the key.

Why choose Hays?

Usually, contractors and companies work with a recruitment firm to ensure the smooth working of the recruitment process. Depending on how many interviews you wish to organise (usually two), the time between hiring two people can take up a couple of weeks, though this process can unfold faster by working with a recruitment firm. This way, you can very quickly find and deploy the skills you need.

For years we've been actively supplying qualified specialists to companies, so we can enable you to quickly make use of the active support of our employees – even at short notice. This, in turn, enables you to react immediately to changes in the market.

  • We can assume the entire recruitment process and administration for you.
  • We give you your choice of highly qualified experts from our pool of trained specialists.
  • Using our Compliant Sourcing consulting concept, we ensure that our collaboration with you is in line with all legislations.
  • There are no minimum contract periods.
  • You have the option of taking on the experts we provide as permanent staff.
  • Together with you, we analyse your needs and develop a solution that fits your particular situation.
  • We offer flexible workers in operational roles and highly specialized positions.

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