Hays Journal 19

Thought leadership
How can business leaders ensure that they’re leading the way on mental health

The Covid-19 pandemic forced faster and more dramatic changes to the world of work than many of us could have imagined. And while it has been a hugely difficult time, there have also been some incredibly inspiring stories of organisations overcoming obstacles and coming together to support those in need. These you can read in this Hays Journal.

In this Hays Journal - Thought Leadership - you find, among other things, the following topics. Are you interested in more articles? Then download the full Hays Journal.

Heads first

While mental health was once a taboo topic in the workplace, manyhigh-profile campaigns have encouraged a more open attitude towards it. As employees become more willing to talk about their mental wellbeing, do leaders need to be better prepared to support them?

Heading in the right direction

Founded in 2010, the American company Headspace has one mission: to improve the health and happiness of people around the world. In the companies that use their technology, they saw a decrease in job-related burnouts.

Digital horizon

COVID-19 has drivien demand for digital and technology talent globally. How can businesses stand out in a competitive market?

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