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How to find your freelance jobs?

Are you a freelancer looking for exciting assignments? We bring highly qualified, self-employed specialists and companies looking for skilled contractors together.

Freelance jobs

What to expect form us?

We offer interesting projects with renowned companies and will find the perfect solution to suit both sides of the employment equation.
We will provide you with comprehensive advice on contracts for work and services, after all we attach great importance to ensuring that the positions on offer match your profile and will advance your career.
If you don't see a suitable project at the moment, please feel free to submit your CV to us, so that we can include you in our pool of self-employed specialists. 

Why choose Hays?

When it comes to recruiting staff, nothing beats good knowledge of the industry. For this reason, Hays pecialises in several professional sectors in which we offer positions on a contracting/consultancy basis and where we are well networked – with both experts and companies.
And of course, in addition to purely technical qualifications, the personality and soft skills of the candidate in question are also taken into account during the selection process.

Tips to keep your freelance career on track

Whether you choose for freelance jobs, or a permanent contract, that's up to you. But if the choice goes out to freelancing, then we’d like to give you the following tips to get your search and career on the right track.

1. Often update your resume

When you’re working as a contractor, you’ll often have the possibility of improving your current skills and to learn new ones. That’s why it’s crucial to update your resume so you have access to all opportunities when looking for a new project.

2. Let your recruiter know when your contract changes

It’s very easy to lose touch with active recruiters when you have a long-term contract. But this can have a serious impact on how fast you could find a new job, and therefore how long you’ll be without income.

That’s why we propose to often check on your active recruiters and keeping them up to date about changes in your contract details. It’s important to communicate how long you’ll be working on a certain project and when you’re looking for a new opportunity. Recruiters can offer you interesting opportunities, so let them know in time when you’re free for a conversation.

This way, you can build a professional relationship with your recruiter, focused on efficiency, to improve your involvement in the company you’re working for. 

3. Be clear about your future goals to your recruiter

A good relationship with your recruiter can help make your contracting career a lot less stressful. Communicate clearly about your interests and future goals, so recruiters can find the perfect opportunities for you. It’s also important to pass on your strengths and weaknesses to ensure your consultant gives you the necessary support and guidance. 

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