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Are you looking for inspiration to grow your business? Then this podcast is for you! Our guests will give you insights into all the trends, pitfalls and challenges in the Belgian job market. 

Get ready to learn all about the modern job market, where the only certainty is uncertainty.

Season 2

In the second season of our podcast, we cover questions such as mobility and work, the war on talent and employer branding. Listen to Triangle Talk below or on your favourite podcast platform.

S2 Episode 6 – Money or hugs: the HR dilemma of employee care versus costs

October 2023 - 30 minutes

Employees: a resource or commodity? How much do employees cost their company, and why put some extra budget in the people you have instead of in the people you need to replace? Is soft HR mostly about cozy office chairs and pampering people, or is it an essential part of your HR policy for your company and your people? And, should appreciation always be followed by an extra bag of money?

In this episode of 'Hays Triangle Talk', we talk to Karin Bastin, Vice-Chair of the AmCham Human Capital & Talent Committee, and Philippe Dullaert, Finance Director for the Hays EMEA region. Listen to the episode below.

S2 Episode 5 – Well-being at work: why a weekly fruit basket is worse than doing nothing (NL)

October 2023 - 30 minutes

Absenteeism in Belgium continues to increase with almost 20% more sick days for burnouts since 2019. But there’s no need to worry, because companies have found the perfect solution: a fruit basket and a monthly casual Friday. Or does it take a bit more to improve the well-being of employees? Where does this increasing absenteeism come from? Are companies turning into hellholes, or are we all just being wimps? And yes, happy employees are more productive, but is money really the only motivation to develop a Health & Well-Being policy? The answer is of course no. So, time to get started!
In this episode of 'Hays Triangle Talk' we talk to Elisabeth Kokken, owner of Connectyco, and Ilze Pastyn, Internal Trainer and Health & Well-Being Ambassador at Hays. Listen to the episode below (in Dutch).

S2 Episode 4 – Employer branding: an expensive fable or the basis for success? (NL)

August 2023 - 30 minutes

Employer branding: if you can believe marketing agencies, it is the ultimate solution to find the right people in a difficult candidate market. But what exactly is employer branding? Showing off your weekly fruit basket and monthly drinks at the office? Or is it a little more than that? Are you as a company a sitting duck when you are not, or not yet, focusing on employer branding? How do you even get started? And... how much will it cost you?
In this episode of 'Hays Triangle Talk' we talk to Emma Cottenie, consultant Inclusive Hiring at Voka – Chamber of Commerce Antwerp-Waasland, and Caroline Nicque, Head of Marketing at Hays Belgium. Listen to the episode below (in Dutch).

S2 Episode 3 – Sustainability and the automotive sector: paradox or a perfect marriage? (NL)

August 2023 - 29 minutes

The automotive sector and sustainability: it sounds like Jean-Claude van Damme doing a split in a Volvo advert. But apparently it’s possible. Not without a challenge, though. The strict European requirements, a talent pool that’s not quite on board yet and employees who have to be willing and able to make the transition. Helping shape a world where we, our grandchildren and their children can grow old and stay healthy is a task for all of us. A task we need to take very seriously asap!
In this episode of 'Hays Triangle Talk' we talk to Koen Leemans, Vice President Operations at Volvo Group in Ghent, and Maurice Roy, Sales Solution Director at Hays Enterprise Solutions Belgium-Netherlands. Listen to the episode below (in Dutch).

S2 Episode 2 – There’s a war for talent, but how to face it? (FR)

August 2023 - 29 minutes

It is clear that there is a talent war with a shortage of profiles and skills. That’s not quite news. But even though this situation isn’t new, companies do not always know how to deal with it and how to adapt to it. Should we start to focus more on attitude rather than the right skills, and then invest in training? Because yes, people are likely to leave again and then you have to start all over again. Or is it better to look beyond borders to secure new talent?

Belise Songa, Agile Master at BCIS and Young ICT Lady of the Year in 2022, and Nathalie Alhadeff, National Director at Hays, discuss the new labour market and how to win the war for talent. Read the summary on our blog or listen below (in French).


S2 Episode 1 – Mobility and work: stuck in traffic together, lovely, isn’t it? (NL)

July 2023 - 29 minutes

We’re all stuck in traffic on our way to work and yet, we still continue to pick our cars over public transport and bikes. Are Belgian employees simply too attached to their cars to choose alternatives, or does the government and companies still promote cars too much? And, we can’t talk about mobility without mentioning company cars, because few things have as many supporters and opponents as that. Are there really no viable alternatives?

Dimitris Bousoulas, syndicate representative for ACV Antwerp and member of the board of directors at i-Bus, and Robby Vanuxem, Managing Director at Hays discuss the pros and cons of company cars and possible solutions to Belgium's mobility problems. Read the summary on our blog or listen below (in Dutch).


Podcast Season 1

Season 1

Does the glass ceiling still exist? Are passionate employees a myth? Are freelancers an added value to a company or are they just expensive? In Triangle Talk, a podcast by recruitment agency Hays Belgium, we answer questions such as these during laid-back conversations with business leaders, labour market experts and professionals. 

The first episodes of our podcast are in Dutch, but don't worry, you can find summaries of the conversations in English on our blog.

S1 Episode 6 – Diversity in the technology sector (NL)

June 2023 - 30 minutes

The technology sector: the whitest sector. To what extent can the sector call itself innovative and disruptive when it fails to meet even the most basic form of diversity, namely male-female ratio? Why does it need to look beyond just that form of diversity to reach out to all communities, whether they are people from immigrant backgrounds or young people from disadvantaged families? And how can they do it?
Diversity and inclusion are no easy topics and rarely have a one-size-fits-all answer. Nevertheless, we accept the challenge with our guests Inès Herbosch, Chief Data Officer at the FPS Justice, and Jovanic Scheiris, National Director of Technology at Hays. Read the summary on our blog or listen below (in Dutch).


S1 Episode 5 – The Impact of AI, XR, and ChatGPT on the future of HR (NL)

May 2023 - 30 minutes

If you’ve been following the media, you would think AI has only been invented a few months ago. ChatGPT already seems indispensable in our society and job. And then there’s XR and VR, those tech things in games. Just like with any new technology, the question quickly arises: what will it mean for our job - will we still have one in the near future? Or for our business: are we keeping up with the latest technology? How can we use AI and XR to their full potential? And, how long before AI really becomes indispensable?
Kenneth Dée, Tech Journalist at DPG Media and Julie Desender, Team Leader IT at Hays discuss the benefits, challenges and pitfalls of AI, XR and ChatGPT and what impact they have on our jobs. Read the summary on our blog or listen below (in Dutch).


S1 Episode 4 – Are startups running off with all the best talent? (NL)

May 2023 - 30 minutes

Startups, leeches in the job market that take the best talent away from big companies, or the ideal incubators for entrepreneurial minds? Are startups the paradise for everyone with ambition, or not after all, made for everyone? Are big companies completely powerless when their people show entrepreneurial drive, or can they also create opportunities in their own lane? And what can they learn from each other?
At the Hays Triangle Talk table are Joyce Stroeckx, co-founder of Collectief, a provider of soft HR and community building solutions, and Philippe Dullaert, EMEA Finance Director at Hays. Read the summary on our blog or listen below (in Dutch).


S1 Episode 3 – Passionate employees, do they really exist? (NL)

April 2023 - 30 minutes

Passionate employees: a myth created by employers who want hard workers for little money? Or do they really exist? Is it fair for an employer to make passion a requirement in a job posting when it can take years to figure out what that means in the first place? What's wrong with just doing your job well? And what is "quiet quitting" really?
A passionate conversation about ambitions, expectations, goals and meaning in your work and business with Yasmien Naciri, entrepreneur and Managing Director of Innovatiecentrum Werk and Julie Geller, Learning & Development Manager at Hays. Read the summary on our blog or listen below (in Dutch/English).

S1 Episode 2 – Freelancers: an added value for an organisation or a bad investment? (NL)

March 2023 - 30 minutes
Why is it better not to talk about a "gig economy" when talking about freelancers? How popular is the freelance status with freelancers and companies? Is it important for employers to ensure an optimal cultural fit when freelancers often leave after a few months? 
Freelancing comes with certain challenges - such as the lack of contract, not really being part of a company - but it creates lots of opportunities for both freelancers and organisations. In episode 2, we discuss these challenges and opportunities with Sophie Vernaet, Business Director Technology at Hays, and Marleen Deleu, Director Trends & Insights at Nextconomy. Listen below (in Dutch).

S1 Episode 1 – "Either too nice, or a she-devil" –  Women and leadership (NL)

March 2023 - 28 minutes

What makes it so significant for a woman to take on a leadership role? Or is it actually not significant at all? Does a company necessarily have to choose a woman for a certain position or is it just about the right person in the right place? Do women help maintain the glass ceiling? And does the glass cliff really exist? Read the summary on our blog or listen below (in Dutch).
Tamara Vereecken, EMEA Director at Hays, and Linda Alblas - van den Burg, Managing Director ICI Paris XL Benelux discuss these topics in the first episode of our podcast Triangle Talk

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