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Regardless of whether you're looking for a job after graduation, re-entering the workforce after a break or simply changing jobs - temporary employment is an attractive opportunity. Our consultants will be able to match your skills to flexible roles in various businesses in your area.

Temporary jobs can be an attractive opportunity to a lot of people. Whether they are looking for a first job or for an opportunity to gain a lot of experience in different industries, flexible contracts can be the way to go. And Hays is here to help you out! Our consultants have built up extensive knowledge in various sectors and know their local markets inside out. Most importantly they are familiar with all the various large, mid-sized and small businesses in your area and will be able to match your skills to the right roles, quickly and efficiently.

With a flexible contract, you get…

•    A variety of engagements that allow you to improve existing skills and to develop new ones as you build your resume
•    Exposure to a diverse set of professionals — critical for building strong networks
•    The financial freedom that allows you to be more selective about the permanent opportunities
      you may apply for while you’re generating income
•    A flexible schedule if you want to spend more time with your family or focus on a hobby 

Why choose Hays?

•    Reliable and fair pay
•    Close follow-up during your assignment
•    A letter of intent in case of temporary contracts leading to permanent ones
•    A large network of companies
•    A continuous flow of temporary assignments to avoid down-time in your career

Feel free to think about the possible advantages to a temporary assignment, because it’s often met with some misconceptions. Allow us to discuss the most frequent ones!

Myths about temporary contracts

1.    Myth 1: Temporary work is only low-level

The industry of temporary employment has evolved with the fastest growth in professional and technical occupations as businesses and professionals from all backgrounds and skill levels realize the benefits of having greater flexibility. Companies have found they can readily gain access to highly skilled professionals. So while entry-level jobs are still relevant, the highly skilled temporary opportunities are definitely on the rise. 

2.    Myth 2: Temp work will hurt my prospects of getting hired

On the contrary. Many businesses view temporary hiring as a way to evaluate individuals for permanent positions. To bridge gaps, they’re bringing in the most accomplished temporary professionals they can find using a temp-to-perm strategy. 

3.    Myth 3: Temporary work is short term, sporadic and low paying

In fact, many temporary professionals work the equivalent of full time hours. Also, temporary assignments can last from a few days to more than a year. As for wages, temporary positions pay on par with salaried ones, and individuals with the most sought-after skills can often command a premium. To attract top temporary talent, staffing firms offer competitive wages and benefits.

4.    Myth 4: You can’t include temporary work on a resume

As the temporary industry has grown and expanded, flexible assignments have come to be viewed more as high-level projects and less like entry-level positions. Hiring managers understand that project work provides valuable experience.

5.    Myth 5: You can’t develop new skills this way

Professionals who work on a temporary basis are often involved in projects that are as interesting and challenging as those they might encounter in full-time positions, which leads to their skills being tested, improved and expanded.

6.    Myth 6: If you're working, you can’t continue your job search

You may need to make some adjustments as to how and when you conduct your job search, but it shouldn’t be too difficult. Also, keep in mind that your temporary assignment can help you advance your job search. You never know when a position might open at the company where you’re working. Or you might meet people who are willing to recommend you for a position!

Is your interest in a flexible assignment triggered or do you still have some doubts? Let our consultants help you out. Submit an application with us via this website or contact the office of your region directly. 

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