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Tips to find jobs

Looking for job can be exciting. Hays will advise you on how to find your new job. You can download a free resume template, learn how to use social media or how to write a cover letter.

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Find jobs | CV template -

Free CV template

Use our free CV template to pass the initial selection and have a better chance of being interviewed.

Find jobs | Cover letter -

Cover letter

Learn how to write your cover letter. With these tips you will stand out from the crowd.

Find jobs | My cv update -

Renew your CV

How can you update your CV to current times and wishes? We share 4 tips.

Find jobs | How to use social media -

How to use social media

The use of social media is a good way to find your next job, as long as you stick to these 5 tips.

Find jobs | LinkedIn profile -

Setting up your LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile is essentially your CV and thus should be treated the same way. Use these tips for setting up your LinkedIn profile.

Find jobs | Benefits of a recruiter -

Benefits of a recruiter

If you choose the right recruitment company, it can be the most effective way to find a new job. Here's why.

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Finding your next job

We believe the right job can change your life.

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